What is hyp3.us?

This website/design/platform was built from the ground up entirely by me in highschool as a web design project. It has seen numerous different uses over the years, mostly being purposed as a hobbyist project/playground for testing my web development skills. I've been wanting to put it to use for something for a long time, and at one point I was using it as a  platform to promote a Minecraft bot program I wrote in 2014, and then a game I worked on for a couple of weeks during the same year, and then again for a different Minecraft 'bot flooder' program I wrote in 2015, while intermittently being used for me to test out different web design ideas.

I never really went very far with any of those projects, and to this day most of them sit in their exact same states as they were, 4-5 years ago, on a desktop that I no longer use. However, a friend and I have started on a new project in Unity3D, a survival game currently dedicated to Legacy Rust (I will diverge from that as a model as I get better at using Unity, and as I get further along in development. Legacy Rust was simply the inspiration for me to begin creating the game.) I plan on finishing and ideally releasing it eventually. With that in mind, I decided to repurpose this website as a blog for the various checkpoints in the development of the unnamed project. I'll start posting detailed updates about what we're currently working on, and what stage in the development the game is in.


Here's a teaser:

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